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Those kids wouldn’t have walked up and went “Yo, Mix.” I would have been in jail.David Sheppard, Age 43, US Department Of Commerce Regional Inspector General I was on my way to my office one day – this was about five or six years ago.Anthony Ray, aka Sir Mix-a-Lot, Age 50, Recording Artist I am Anthony Ray, aka Sir Mix-a-Lot, born and raised in Sea-Town! One day, I was coming home from Redmond Town Center – I go there every Saturday for a car show.I’m going home, Highway 18, I’m in a bright orange Lamborghini LP 640.

Tariq Sahali, Age 36, Garfield Community Center Counselor If there was one thing I would want people to know about me, it would be that I am far more than my appearance and I have gone to great lengths to make sure that my appearance is not in any stereotypical fashion.It made me think about what that person was and not about myself.If anything it made me feel sorry for the guy and his ignorance.” And I say, “I can’t put my hands up because this car door opens from the floor, and I can’t put my hands down!” And so he reaches down, opens my car, grabs me, leans me against the car and puts cuffs on me and searches my car. Told me I was going to jail, but still didn’t tell me what he pulled me over for.

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