Child development and dating

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In short, researchers conclude that fathers are just as important to a child’s development as mothers are, and for totally different reasons. David Popenoe, a sociology professor and author of , put it, “Fathers are far more than just ‘second adults’ in the home.”Research has shown that fathers — or the absence of fathers — are just as important as mothers in child development.In a 2002 review of various studies on the father’s role in child development, researchers found consistent evidence that children of involved fathers were more likely to show cognitive competence and educational success than those whose fathers weren’t engaged, and were also more likely to enjoy school and take part in more extracurricular activities.When talking about the importance of fathers, it perhaps becomes even clearer when we look at what happens when fathers there.

This has upset the man’s role in a family, often leaving him in a confused space.Kids who grow up with a dad present are less likely to develop substance abuse problems or to become incarcerated as adults.Perhaps most importantly, kids who grew up with involved fathers have been shown to have a lower risk of depression.Children are ready and open to develop certain things during specific stages; however, it doesn't just happen.Instead, they need proper environmental stimuli to develop these abilities.

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If children don’t have a biological father available, they look for fathering from the men in their lives.” Fathers aid significantly in the social, emotional, and intellectual development of their children.