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Cyber sex chatbots

Kinks aside, the good news is that artificial intelligence learns, and the more we all experiment — both brands and consumers — the better these tools will become.Although a PR disaster, Microsoft Tay was in some ways a success in demonstrating the incredible speed that AI can learn and adapt.Unlike the Smarter Child bot hosted on AOL Instant Messenger, the potential for bots is not just completing tasks you assign to it, but understanding the context of the user’s life.With Facebook integration, chatbots already have a rich data source to understand user habits around when they check their device, interests, most valued relationships and upcoming plans and schedule, so bots can deliver relevant updates, information and recommendations that are both location- and context-aware.Try using one if you haven’t yet, and you’ll receive a flurry of push notifications and updates from the bot to continue to share news and updates.But there is hope: Bots should get smarter with more human interaction, and will learn which information individuals really want, and when they prefer to receive it.Domino’s was one of the first companies to dabble in AI, allowing customers to order pizza by tweeting a pizza emoji to @Dominos.

its magic crumbles away; it stands revealed as a mere collection of procedures ...The first thing to understand about chatbots is that most won’t introduce new capabilities; instead, brand chatbots will centralize where and how customers engage, using social media as an operating system.Consumers will engage with bots in three ways: content consumption, customer service and productivity or transactional engagements.Many brands already target content on social media to specific audiences and locations, but there is no silver bullet currently to fully personalize what, when and how messages are delivered to customers.Even the current chatbots available on Facebook have room to improve in this department.

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Chatbots will be able to quickly understand the contextual request or problem from the customer rather than force them through a series of selection menus to understand the problem.