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Dht nodes updating

I used the Stalker v2.0 board, now there is v2.1 board too.In the v2.0 you will need to place a short on the bottom side of the board to connect INTA\ and PD2 pads, see this picture.The Stalker does expose 0.1" header that represents the XBee pins so it is easy to solder a header and do the connection, or use simple wire for that.Configuring the XBee modules There is quite a bit of information and in-depth on the XBee modules on the net. Few notes though: The XBee modules have API mode and Command mode firmwares. Also, with Series 2 of XBee, there is a role for each module, so we need one coordinator that is connected to the PC and one endpoint which is the module installed on the remote weather station. On the weather station side the AO should be 2 (but in any case I ignore the return codes, so it will work anyway).If you only use one board then you will need to connect it to the programming side, load the program then connect to the console pins to see the output, which is pretty tedious if you ask me.To connect console only, here are the connections required: GND from the FTDI to Arduino GNDRx from the FTDI to digital pin 9 of the Arduino Tx from the FTDI to digital pin 3 of the Arduino Vcc from sensor breakout board to 3.3V of Arduino Gnd from sensor breakout board to GND of Arduino SDA from sensor breakout board to Aruino analog pin 4SCL from sensor breakout board to Arduino analog pin 5 If you are using small bread-board for the DHT22 sensor, you can probably include this sensor on it too.I wanted to have a log of outdoor weather with PC logging and graphs for quite some time now.There are such devices in the market but their cost is really high.

DHT22 Pin 1 to 3.3 Volt of Arduino DHT22 Pin 4 to GND of Arduino DHT22 Pin 2 to digital pin 2 of Arduino 10KOhm resistor between pin 1 (Vcc) to pin 2 (data) of the sensor DHT22 Pin 3 is left not connected.I have every reason to believe a 1000m Ah or even less will be enough.Price: For almost any of the components above, I recommend spending some time online, including e Bay to find a much better price for each.Consider using small bread-board for this small circuit This is only useful if you want to see debug messages, change things in the SW etc.For this to work you will need to connect the FTDI to the below pins or simply use additional FTDI board (that's what I did).

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