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And there's lots to discuss according to the organizers, like how it's hard to change the attitudes of people who can't see the potential or want to limit the involvement of women in the brewing industry—any industry, in fact.

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Femme-Bot is another way to change such behaviour, but it is also a celebration.

"It feels like it gives us an opportunity to be more than what society has given us, to be the point of the show, to be like the most important person in the room instead of being supporting role, which we often get relegated to," says Costello.

Since retiring from performing, I have devoted more time to teaching, and am enjoying it even more than before.

I treat each student as an individual, and have more or less found my own personal way to teaching (just borrowing from the Suzuki Method a bit here and there, but sticking mostly to more traditional teaching methods).

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As a three-time Canadian figure skating champion, Craig recognized the need for advanced analytics in sports, something that would have completely changed the way he trained and performed.