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Free flirt males adults live cams

The red lips, liquid liner cat eye, complete lingerie getup with garters and stockings. One thing is sure- it's not for everybody, everywhere and all the time. I can't recognize all notes, but there's clear rose, sharp spices, amber and some wood notes.Maybe I can sense saffron, which hasn't been into my favourite scents so far.

I've been offered some layering suggestions to make this one a little smoother, and I'm intrigued by the possibilities enough to give it a shot, perhaps if it's sweetened up or toned down a little I'll feel worthy enough to showcase her beauty to the world. It`s an eau de parfum too, so my impressions are about the eau de parfum. I must say I started to give up on it but then about an hour later it all started to tone down and the scent was falling right into place: the rose and especially the saffron - suddenly it made me reminiscence about a few other scents I liked - at some point Lanvin Rumeur - probably rose-related - and another moment L`Instant Guerlain..Like a dramatic cocktail ring or chandelier earrings, or patent leather stiletto boots. It doesn't match what I'm wearing today, and I'm feeling that acutely.Not to say that this can't be a day fragrance, but that it has to be *that* kind of day. Because some days are patent leather stiletto boot days, and other days are cardigan days.That being said, I'm very curious to see what happens to this when fall rolls around. This perfume is very similar to Paloma Picasso, but it is more raw and less blended.I think that the woodiness and the creamy-musky rose would go perfectly with a stroll at dusk amid the changing leaves. 30 mins down, it evolves into this dusky dark rose fragrance.... It is a classic, and it reminds you of the 80's perfumes.

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I loooove vintage Miss Dior, any Guerlain, old chypres, etc... Because of how dry and vetiver-woodsy-centric this is on my skin, I've found it to be a perfectly inoffensive scent for daywear and the office, which seems somewhat contrary to all the sexualized ad copy for this scent.

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