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Unfortunately, a number of members have not adjusted their payments and thus an underpayment had been recorded for them.

Unless this oversight is rectified by Friday 17th November their new membership card will not be enclosed with the December Bulletin.

Manchet, manchette or michette (French), is a wheaten yeast bread of very good quality, or a small flat circular loaf of same.

It was a bread that was small enough to be held in the hand or glove (see also manchette).

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It is proof of our sense of civilised values that something as esoteric and as fragile as reputation is worth campaigning for Agreement regarding use of images 'A Memorandum of Understanding (Mo U) agreement with the University of Leicester regarding the appropriate use of the images of King Richard’s remains has been obtained.Following a meeting with the University on 29th July 2016 to discuss the use of images, Philippa and I are pleased to announce that the Mo U between our two organisations has now been signed and is published here.' An increase in annual membership subscriptions came into force for existing members for the 2017/18 Ricardian year.The new rates were widely publicised in the Ricardian Bulletin and, for those who are registered, via RIII Mailings.The Men's Chat Group is a forum for men to get together and discuss a topic every month, in a friendly and relaxed manner. There is a different theme for every session, ranging from local issues to world events, the latest gadgets to trips down memory lane.


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