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Manus O'Donnell began building the castle in 1527 on the Wednesday after St.

Brendan's day (Saint Brendan's feast day is celebrated on 16 May).

And in an added bonus, Charles Durning, who featured in The Sting and Tootsie, also has links with the area.

In fact, he has family connections with Meryl Streep, all going back to Dunfanaghy.

The Mc Fadden and Strain families were closely connected and research showed an earlier marriage between the two families, in the same generation as Manus and Grace. married Catherine Mc Fadden, i.e Grace’s older brother married her sister-in-law.The New Jersey born actress’s family roots are featured in the January edition of Irish Lives Remembered- an online genealogy magazine.It all goes back to February 4, 1864 when Manus Mc Fadden and Grace Strain married in the RC Chapel in Doe in the parish of Clondahorky. On April 19, 1864, the newly married Manus and Grace Mc Fadden arrived at the port of New York aboard the ship Webster SS.Meryl Streep visited Glenties for the p Premiere of the film- Dancing at Lughnasa in 1998.It was set in the fictional village of Ballybeg and was written by Brian Friel.

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The castle was then surrendered to O’Donnell to spare the life of Turlough, the son of Felim Fin and another son of Tuathal Balbh.