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Bergstein balked, and Vestron lost out on what could have been a lucrative sponsorship.16. It earned million at the North American box office and a total of 0 million worldwide.17.

The movie won an Oscar for Best Original Song, for the hit "I've Had the Time of My Life." 18.

How did all that trauma lead to moviegoers having the time of their lives? Writer/producer Eleanor Bergstein based the story on her own childhood.

"I remember when I was making the film, I was going through the dance steps with the director and the choreographer and they said 'Eleanor, maybe you should get some of your old partners to dance with you' and I said, 'My old partners are either in jail or out on parole," she recalled. Emile Ardolino was the Oscar-winning director of the documentary "He Makes Me Feel Like Dancing," but he'd never directed a fiction feature before.

He didn't have the right ethnic look (dark and Mediterranean) for the character as he appeared on the page.

Plus, he and Grey hadn't gotten along well on the set of 1984's "Red Dawn." Instead, the filmmakers chose Billy Zane.

Bergstein also worked her way through college as a dance teacher at an Arthur Murray dance school.

She knew not just the conventional steps, but the "dirty" ones, too."So, while everybody thinks I'm Baby, there's actually a lot of Johnny in me, too," she said in a 2005 interview.3.

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She made only a couple more movies, including "Stealing Home" and "Bloodhounds of Broadway." She blamed "Dirty Dancing" for typecasting her as a shrill and ridiculous comic character.20.