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The accommodations in Jaco are bountiful and range from hostels to luxury homes; you will easily be able to find what you’re looking for.There are numerous restaurants to eat at but the prices can be a little on the tourist side.SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – The slumping global economy is having a stimulus effect on Costa Rica’s famous sex-tourism industry, as a growing number of unemployed women — from Colombia to the Dominican Republic – flock to San José to seek a living in the world’s oldest profession.In popular prostitution hot spots such as the Hotel & Casino Del Rey and Key Largo, local prostitutes compete with an influx of foreign women from Nicaragua, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and even Russia.

“I told them they have to study, and that’s expensive.

Some of San José’s women of the night came to Costa Rica with more ambitious professional plans in mind.

Ana, 34, said she worked in the fashion industry in Colombia and came to Costa Rica to find similar work when the economy started to slow in her native country.

If you’re looking for good local eats on the cheaper side then check out the sodas where you can get a big meal for -, a few of the popular ones are Rustico and Marea Baja.

Now, let’s get to the fun part, what you all have been waiting for, the party and the girls.

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The town only has approximately 10,000 permanent residents but gets very busy with local tourists and tourists from other parts of the world.