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Sex zolosex

1 got my last 2 months in 2001 now since 2010 I have suffered severe pain in my joints and bones.I wouldn't recommend this drug to any endo girls.""The horrible side effects (even with HRT) were not worth it.I read about the reviews (gaining weight ,etc) and was really nervous but I just wanted to tell everyone taking this treatment to not worry about the side effects.The only side effect I had was a heavy period at first (nothing scary) and then I had hot flashes and some night sweats but nothing unbearable.Get a small pijama (shorts and tank top) to avoid feeling so hot at night. I actually gained 4 pounds after the treatment when my ovaries reactivated.During this treatment I exercised a lot, ate well and tried to stay relaxed. But then I started suffering from migraine/headaches, no sex drive, extreme bone pain, NO APPETITE - and if I try to make myself eat then I vomit, nausea, irregular sleeping patterns and signs of anxiety/depression because I've been missing days off of work!Please do not be scared of using this medication...""Brittle nails, hair loss, severe depression, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, skin rash, hot flushes, sleepless nights, short temperament, intolerence to alcohol, joint pains, nausea, fatigue, ibs, low libido, painful sex... I'm due for my 4th injection in two days and the whole treatment plan I am on is for 6 months.

Also just started Taking the Tipolone to counteract bone issues just dreading the last zoladex injection and getting my periods back for that three month stop gap. But side affects have been hot flushes and anxiety hoping tipolone works.""This drug has been good, it has stopped my periods & pain I was getting..This medication gave me the confidence not to have chemotherapy and for this I am grateful. I went from 7.5 stone to 9.5 stone in 18months having never had much fluctuation in my weight ever before. I have gone from being very healthy and slim to quite flabby and "technically" (BMI) overweight - which hits hard when you feel low self esteem because of surgery anyway.""My partner has been on and off zoladex for nearly 6 years- with PSA first detected at 4000 and soaring between 0 - 600 - 50 but with 12 month breaks in treatment.He takes a regime of ganoderma mushroom extract he believes this has also helped him stay very healthy and free of cancer symptoms.It has stopped the inflammation of the endometriosis which is growing all over my womb and ligaments and I'm not bleeding every 21 days!My skin in perfect my nails strong and weight has stayed the same despite an increase in appetite !

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Please help, Thank you.""I have been on this injection for three months and it has changed my life!