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It is located on the Neman close to the borders of Poland and Lithuania (about 20 km (12 mi) and 30 km (19 mi) away respectively). It is the capital of Grodno Region and Grodno District. At this year Grodno was mentioned in the Primary Chronicle as Goroden' and located at a crossing of numerous trading routes, this Slavic settlement, possibly originating as far as the late 10th century, became the capital of a poorly attested but separate principality, ruled by Yaroslav the Wise's grandson and his descendants.

In Latin it was known as Grodna (-ae), in Polish as Grodno and in Yiddish as גראָדנע. The modern city of Grodno originated as a small fortress and a fortified trading outpost maintained by the Rurikid princes on the border with the lands of the Baltic tribal union of the Yotvingians. Along with Navahrudak, Grodno was regarded as the main city on the western borderlands of Black Ruthenia.

On 12 August 1991, she peaked at world number 570 in the doubles rankings.

In the 1240–1250s the Grodno area, as well as the most of Black Ruthenia, was controlled by princes of Lithuanian origin (Mindaugas and others) to form the Baltic state—Grand Duchy of Lithuania—on these territories.

After the Prussian uprisings a large population of Old Prussians moved to the region.

The border region neighboured the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

It was often attacked by various invaders, especially the Teutonic Knights.

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