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The importance of updating files

Let’s start with some simple rules for managing your files and folders.Your desktop is supposed to be clean and display that gorgeous high-resolution wallpaper you’ve got going on.PDF scans of receipts by month can sit in the same folder.

We’ll do our best to cover both OS X and Windows in this article.

This is entirely possible with most real-world hierarchies – things can fit in more than one place. Applied to your files and documents, the general rule is that they should always sit with other files of the same, equivalent hierarchical level.

For example, application installers can sit in the same folder. Personal letters to friends can sit in the same folder.

Hopefully, you’re someone who has already made the switch to going paperless.

The advantage of the original paper-based cabinets was that you really had to think about where to put documents so that they could be easily located when they were needed.

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In general, only create new folders (especially top-level folders in /documents) if you find yourself repeatedly coming back to save similar files in the same place, only to find that it doesn’t exist yet. To borrow a bit of pop-psychology, there are 3 main things you have to know: chunking up, chunking down, and chunking sideways.

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