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The release of oxytocin during female orgasm induces uterine contractions which can help transport the sperm towards the egg.

Oxytocin, released during lovemaking increases fertility and the likelihood of conception.

When theyre in love they act irrationally, think uncontrollable thoughts and do and say stupid things where they stick their feet in their mouths.

The palpitations, sweating, skin-flushing, light-headedness and weak limbs that occur when we fall in love are the same reactions we get when we encounter a lion trekking through the jungle. The Chemistry of Attraction What attracts two people to each other?

Prepare an altar with sacred items that represent your life and the people you have loved and who have loved you. Envision all the love you ever knew and realize that it exists at this moment for you. Dont stuff yourself or youll drowse and diminish your episode of romance. Take your time and savor every bite; appreciate its aroma, taste and texture. To better understand ourselves and relationships, perhaps we should take a look at the nature of love.

Clean and organize with the love and excitement usually reserved for another person. Draw a bubble bath, water on the hot side (as it will set a while before you get in). Open to the divine spirit within and the universal consciousness without, sanctify unity, harmony and balance. Treat yourself to a variety of interesting and stimulating flavors. Check the bath waiting; it should be the perfect temperature by now. Make every action a sacred ritual for you as both giver and receiver, divinity and devotee. Lightly massage your entire body and pleasure your genitals by hand, toys or a stream of water from a hose attached to your bath faucet. Theres an old saying: There once was a man who was looking for the perfect woman. Love, one of lifes greatest mysteries, has been the subject of story-telling, movies, song, books and myth since the creation of man.

But on this date, youll pamper yourself rather than someone else. Not everyone is a model or playmate and your true soul mate will more than likely not fall in that category.

Dating many allows you to dance many different styles of dances; tango, hip hop, waltz, country line, ballroom.Dating services, web sites, lonely hearts columns and magazines are brimming with the lovelorn looking for love lost.Even behind the proliferation of sex, when you look close youll find the underpinnings of love. Its the only reason to get out of bed in the morning, they think about it day and night.The combination of the explosion of these three adrenline-like neurochemicals is what gives us that sense of infatuation (chemistry) that makes new lovers feel euphoric and energized, float on air and allows them to talk incessantly and make love all night.Pheromone-laced potions make a usually unattractive woman so desirable she couldnt keep guys away at the bar.

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Set a fine, elegant table with linen, tablecloth and nice china. Envision the chakras and imagine energy moving from the base up the crown. Bring yourself to the height of orgasm then purposely pull back the energy and stop the orgasm. Men, stimulate your lingam till you almost ejaculate. Visualize bringing energy up through all your chakras, out your crown and pull energy back through your base. like the song says, "Young and beautiful, someday your looks will be gone". Are you sufficiently healed from your childhood traumas and other relationships in order to fully appreciate your soul mate when they arrive and treat them with the love and respect they deserve?

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